A Deer A Horse's "Double Wide" Sounds Like Blood A-Boiling


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Grit and guitars give us a gruesomely great performance in A Deer A Horse's "Double Wide".

It's full force ferocity set to tune. Heavy and hard, expect a sensory assault from this one.

"I considered my options..."

Muck. You're immobilized in mud.

A dirty denizen; discarded...

Brown to black... You're blind.

Left behind by a world washed clean...


"Told myself it'd be alright."

"Double Wide" brings Electric Wizard to mind. Mind-melting melodic chug on guitar scratches and screeches over occluded lyrics, then falls face-first down a staircase of drums.

It's a lot like old school stoner rock. There's a lot of doom in the delivery and it's fantastically fierce stuff. A Deer A Horse channel their inner Sleep to hard, heavy, sludgy effect.

Guttural guitars, dribbling drums and spoken song drive "Double Wide" on over its 5 minute play time. A shrieking end collapses in unruly agony, and the song's constituent elements splatter the crime scene in deep red. You're dead.

Anyone with a penchant for rock and metal of the stoner variety will recognize "Double Wide" as the next tune in their treasury. Should you not be accustomed to such a sound, try it out. It's well worth a listen.

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