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Oh boy... What to make of a year so strange even mini Keanu couldn't save it?

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For the first time in a while, I've decided to lay a lot of lines on the, er, line in an article like this. Just let the thoughts flow. Like butter. If you spin it up in a microwave first, then scald yourself on the surprisingly hot microwavable butter melting dish, and...

You get my point.

Thoughts have a way of getting away. I can imagine most people probably feel like 2020 got away from them. I almost thought the same, until I took a moment to reflect on it all. A lot has happened...

Germs Happened!

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The big, green booger in 2020's nose is too much to ignore, so we'll start there. Covid-19...

Like, seriously... What even happened with all of this?

Propaganda flew far and wide from year's wax to year's wane. Numbers crunched. Stocks soared (to cries of "MOAR!!?!"). Masks met faces. Bodies met tasers.

masked tasing marauder

A man was lynched by the police. Riots erupted, died down and sprang up, renewed by economic injustice. Monopoly owners filled their coffers at the federal reserve's spigot, but few spoke of it.

A van blew up on Christmas. Tent-towns blossomed. Money flowed into budding spaces. Virtual business gained a firm foothold as the IRL economy's wheels fell off. IPOs raised record sums for silly reasons while many lost the little they had left.

The president played golf to the tune of sharpening guillotines. A bold move, Cotton... But, history proves such moves never work out well for the well to do.

Stimulus arrived. Stimulus denied. Good guy, bad guy, left, right, up, down and now nobody knows which way the wind blows.

Wait, What Happened?

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I know, right? Hard to tell where any of us stand at this juncture in human history.

A precipice awaits, gaping maw outstretched in wretched welcome. But, gilded wings beckon us to try and fly over and above it however we know how. I'm not saying I've chosen a course yet, but...

strapping on my wings

Crises of all stripes never stopped humanity before. I doubt any of this year's will do any different.

I'm ready for 2021, and although I don't expect this post to make too much sense, I sense there's quite a lot to look forward to in the years that follow.

Now, let's see if we can fly out of here...

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