5 Retrowave Playlists to Rule Them All

retrowave odd nugget

Retrowave music is magic sonic sauce well-suited for your eardrums.

Stumbling headfirst into this supremely chill slice of techno music does a mind good. Songs buzz and shimmer with effervescent energy, synthetic, blowing about in all directions.

Dramatic drums shout echoes at open expanses and high-flying melodies move, heroic, on a course of endless expansion. This is what your mind sounds like, pacified.

retrowave spaceman

Retrowave, as a subgenre, is all about the old, but it breathes in fresh life wherever it can. Bubbly rumbling tones beckon to a realm of harmonic uplift in each song and it's easy to fall headlong.

retrowave subway

Known by many names, this type of music captures the imaginative energy of the 80's in a cloud of retrofuturism and analog synths.

retrowave city lit

The genre itself came into existence in the 00's, morphing to a mini-movement online in the 2010's. Music makers in this sphere pass chill tracks around under saturated retrofuturistic pics, playing to the triumphs and cliches of the decade with reverance and genuine enjoyment.

The fixation on car-themed pictures, in particular, likely stems from the movie "Drive" which truly brought the subgenre to prominence in 2011 by featuring its music. Or maybe cars just look cool in flashing lights...

retrowave steam engine

Here, we've amassed a good group of playlists worth plugging your ears into to fully appreciate the sound. Each is long enough to entrance and relax you, with sweet selections from a myriad of artists.

Especially chill, the playlist above sounds like an out of body experience worth repeating.

"PHASE CHANGE" gives you goosebumps right from the start, with precise, pounding house beats decked in delicious synths and swimming in a pool of gated reverb.

The one below is all airy, upbeat goodness wrapped in a melodic admixture of classic synth sounds. Some songs have words, others do not, but they're all all kinds of awesome.

If you're game for good times, this next one is for you. All 16-bit audible beauty, this retrowave playlist drags you right back into the arcade of your youth with gamified tunes.

Last but not at all least is this "Darksynth Paradise" playlist, jam-packed with punchy, brooding synth magic and bass-tilted harmony. Like passing through a crystal field, prismatic, the tracks in this playlist pierce the mind and tempt the soul to a chaotic groove. Enjoy!

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