5 Native American Sculptors and Their Art


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The many fine works of classical European sculptors have long adorned the halls of the world's most distinguished museums and galleries, but these monumentally acclaimed works overshadow a vast berth of excellent sculptors in a wide variety of cultures around the world.

In this article, we'll examine some of the world's outstanding sculptors of native American heritage along with their impressive artistic creations and acheivements.

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Mary Edmonia Lewis

First up on our list of awesome native American sculptors is Mary Edmonia Lewis; a woman who gained influence as an artist during the American Civil War.


Owing to her own mixed heritage, her art married both black American and native American themes in a Neoclassical fashion.


She was the only black woman to be recognized in the American art culture in the 19th century.


Amanda Crowe

Amanda Crowe belonged to the Eastern Band Cherokee tribe and found her start in the art world quickly - creating many works throughout her life (1928–2004).


This artist worked in wood - sculpting unique figures and impressive pieces from an early age.


She was successfully selling her own carvings at only 8 years old!


Lawney L. Reyes

Lawney L. Reyes is an Oregon-born artist of Native American heritage whose big, bold sculptures are well-known in Seatle, Washington, where he currently lives.


For his excellent work in sculptural art, he was honored with the Washington State Arts Commission Governor's Arts Award in 1971.


Melanie Yazzie

This artist brings her inherited Navajo culture to the art world with her paintings, prints and awesome sculptures.


Melanie was born in Arizona on the Navajo Nation and has produced a large body of stunning work in ceramics and sculpture.


Allan Capron Houser or Haozous

Allan Capron Houser came to be known as Haozous during his lifetime (1914 – 1994). He brought many lovely sculptures, paintings and illustrations into being, many of which can be found at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art.


His art is constantly on display all over North America, Europe and Japan as well as featuring prominently at the National Museum of the American Indian.

His modernist sculptures earned him quite a reputation among artists; especially his first monumental stone sculpture, "Comrades in Mourning." His stunning bronze sculptures came later in his life.


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