The 5 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold



Art has fascinated the human race since the dawn of time.

From cave walls to pristine, white canvases, art has long been a ubiquitous facet of our lives. Its presence is constantly felt and appreciated.

In fact, art is among the most valuable human possessions to this day.

It comes as no surprise that certain works of art can fetch a steep price, but the masterpieces in this enlightening list command prices few other commodities can match.

Following are the 5 most expensive paintings ever sold. Their lofty price tags are sure to astound!


#1 - Willem de Kooning's "Interchange"

This abstract painting is big and bold - measuring in at just above 6 feet tall.

It was completed way back in 1955 by the Dutch-American artist and is currently on loan at the Art Institute of Chicago.

De Kooning's visionary abstract aesthetic lends this work of art its unique appearance.

It features rough swatches of color parted by white. Thin black lines seem to imply motion, but it's hard to say for sure what is being depicted, if much of anything is at all.

As obscure as the painter's inspiration for this piece is, so too is the merit by which it recently sold at an incredible price of $300,000,000. Quite a lot of zeroes for such a strange creation.


#2 - Paul Cézanne's "The Card Players"

The "Card Players" are actually a series of paintings all depicting men playing cards.

Each of the paintings was completed in oil on canvas.

The paintings were created by Cézanne in the 1890's and they each depict local farmhands concentrating on playing cards at a table.

Apparently, the Royal Family of Qatar found special value in one of the paintings of the series in particular and paid a very handsome price for it; between $250 and $300 million making it one of the most expensive paintings ever to be sold.


#3 Paul Gauguin's "When Will You Marry?"

This lovely oil painting was completed by the French artist Paul Gauguin.

Gauguin specialized in Post-Impressionist art throughout his career as a painter - crafting numerous paintings such as this one.

However, this particular work of his garnered the attention of Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani who purchased it from Rudolf Staechelin's family for £197 million.

Perhaps it was a wedding gift?


#4 Jackson Pollock's "Number 17A"

Jackson Pollock played a pivotal role in the abstract expressionist movement with his unique drip painting techniques and singular personality.

His work was as chaotic and uninhibited as his life - displaying a distinct lack of focus that he is now recognized for.

The controlled accident that is his creation "Number 17A" was sold for $200 million by the David Geffen Foundation in 2015.


#5 Mark Rothko's "Violet, Green and Red"

Russian-American artist Mark Rothko, a major abstract expressionist of his time, painted this deceptively simple work in 1951.

The painting itself makes minimal use of color to convey meaning.

Simple as it may be, it ranks as one of the most expensive paintings ever; sold in 2014 for a whopping €140 million in a private sale.

As you can see, art carries significant value and can carry some incredibly weighty price tags as well.

Hopefully, you've enjoyed these crazy expensive masterpieces. Who knows? Maybe your own artwork could be worth as much someday. :)


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