35 Zebras Say Quite a Bit in "You Didn't Say It"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Anthemic in feel and full-blown in energy, "You Didn't Say It" by 35 Zebras is electric prog plugged into a sparking, popping power outlet.

5000-Watt force flares up, harmonic, at intervals in this prog rock power piece.

It's another world. Another time.

You've lost your mind. Your thoughts unfurl.

Red fury courses down your spine.


"...You can throw your life away..."

35 Zebras take us on an exotic trip to another land in "You Didn't Say It", careening from fiery soloes to rhythm-led rock in turn.

Guitar strings splice the air to waves as words whip over top in "You Didn't Say It". Rhythm switches up with irregular regularity, taking our senses along for the ride. It's turbulent, riotous rock with defiance deep-seeded within.


A tale of troubled mind and violent hand holds sway over this song's sonic scene. Uncertainty lurks in each line. Drama draws nearer the longer you hear it.

"You Didn't Say It" showcases 35 Zebras' style in all its intensity. For a fast-paced, powerful piece of music, press play.

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