3 Fantastic Artists Fabricate "First Matter" - a New Exhibition at GR Gallery


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GR Gallery have an incredible new exposition in the works for the 28th of November.

Set to last into the new year (January 19th, 2019), "First Matter" brings the creative minds of 3 magnificent artists together in a single space.

With man and nature as impetus for the display, Dylan Gebbia-Richards, Matthew Shlian and Mara Fabbro aim for artful abstraction through purification and perfection in perception-based pieces. Their 3-Dimensional art invades reality with life all its own.

The exhibition's distinct protoscientific appeal describes concepts of natural tradition as perceived in modernized societies.

Mara Fabbro

Mara's art exquisitely exposes the intersection of nature and the human hand that changes it. Her creations blend a mixture of media to deceptively simple forms. Sandy hues crack and run, all the while holding man-made marks as much a part of the scene as they form contrast with it.


Mara's work, as per her intention, feels alive and looks it too, breathing balance into the ever-present discussion of our interactions with nature.


Matthew Shlian

Matthew's 3-dimensional tessellations poke and jut out at their audience. Comprised entirely of carefully cut paper pieces, Shlian's complex sculptures mask truly stunning simplicity.


Artistic elegance in action, Matthew's masterpieces make a powerful point, juxtaposing the one against the many with metaphorical multiplication.

Each of Shlian's sculptures plays a graphic game of otherworldly imitation, following organic forms and structures with inorganic precision.


Dylan Gebbia-Richards

Dylan's work stretches neon topography from floor to ceiling in a sling. Like broiling heat-maps, Gebbia-Richards's art appears to expand and deepen as you observe it.

dylan macro-done

Pigmented wax is worked into an alien landscape in Dylan's art and strung up to tantalize the eyes. Allegory for natural land seen through a modern lens?

This exhibition is sure to be a must-see. Take note of the opening date (November 28th) and make sure you make it to GR Gallery to view "First Matter" before January 19th!

dylan Omni right side-done

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